Mobile Computing

„Mobile computing with handheld device means avoiding errors and facilitating your working process. The new technology is easy to operate in order to secure a high quality level and an optimum productivity, also for future ventures.“

Thomas Niegl Technical Department, TWI



Mobile Computing


  • For any number of articles (e.g. in the tobacco sector approx. 3.500 articles, in the food sector approx. 15.000 articles)


  • Multi-order picking with mobile display and pick-by-voice
  • Optimum picking quality by scanning the article code and the box
  • Voice-operated tour in multi-order picking
  • Usage of common industrial cardboard boxes of any size
  • Adaptable to the current warehouse workload


TWI devices for mobile computing enable scanning of barcodes, transponders or keyboard entries from any location. They are clearly and functionally structured, easy to operate and fast to learn.

Our mobile computing devices show all relevant information neatly arranged on a small screen. Additionally, the next storage location is always indicated by voice signal. A barcode scan of article as well as compartment guarantees a reliable quality control. Multi-order picking enables optimum walking distances.

Many of our systems can be further enhanced with TWI Mobile Computing devices. A combination with additional modules is also possible, e.g. control station with scales and photo documentation.


Adaptable in size
  • Irrespective of size of stock
  • Irrespective of number of articles
  • Multi-order picking
  • flexible order management for separate storage sectors
  • Quality Control by scan
  • Weight control and photo documentation possible
  • Transparancy for all processes in the warehouse
Combinations possible
  • combinations possible with other TWI systems
Simple operation
  • Enables fast learning
  • Easy-to-read screen


Should you have any questions about TWI Mobile Computing with handheld devices or should you wish to receive more information we are pleased to advise you either by phone or on site.

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