Before deciding on the WINPICK we inspected different systems of various suppliers in advance. We paid particular attention to keeping our shelf-system as well as finding a reliable supplier. The great cooperation with TWI for over 20 years and the concept of the system, focused on safety, convinced us.

Werner Zirlik,
CEO MELO Service GmbH





  • Press articles
  • Sorting tasks
  • Compilation of product ranges


  • Pick-by-light
  • One person per workstation
  • One staff member, mostly the driver who supplies the goods to the customers, carries out the picking for his route at one workstation
  • Picking can start as soon as the first title is available
  • Enhancement of existing shelves possible


Picking with TWI‘s pigeon hole system WINPICK is efficient, flexible and simple. The operating mode can be „Compartment = Customer“ or „Compartment = Title“.

Customer parcels are picked ergonomically, organised in the right drop sequence during the shelf’s clean-out while the delivery note is printed online. A bright display at each customer compartment indicates the number of copies for each title that have to be picked. A reception station for key-amounts, low volume titles and deliveries from other sources on route-level is optionally available. In addition, it is possible to control WINPICK autonomously or in combination with TOP.

We offer to either integrate WINPICK into your already existing shelves or to deliver and install the highly versatile full-system from TWI.


Simple operation
  • Without computer
  • Very simple operation
  • Enables fast learning
Adaptable in size
  • Can be integrated in already existing shelves
  • Installed at each compartment
  • Exchangeable within 5 minutes
Delivery note printing
  • Directly at the workstation
  • Delivery note is printed online


Should you have any questions about WINPICK or should you wish to receive more information we are pleased to advise you either by phone or on site. For more detailed information please download our brochure or get in touch with our contact partners.

Mr Nils Buck or Mrs Wibke Eberhard

+49 721 950770