TOP for tobacco

"Together with TWI, Lekkerland developed a customised solution both for our semi-automatic picking as well as our combined tobacco picking."

Christian Berner,
CEO Lekkerland (2008)



TOP for tobacco


  • Press articles
  • Tobacco
  • Stationary
  • Books
  • Lottery
  • Confectionary
  • FMCG
  • Groceries-


  • Pick-by-light picking line with transport of open bundles, cardboard boxes and reusable totes
  • Pick-by-voice for complementary products
  • Optimising of maximum filling level
  • Quality control with scales and photo proof
  • Optimising of routes and priority management


The TWI Tobacco and FMCG system is the ideal order picking system for large stock warehouses - highly efficient and powerful.

Before each order starts, the system calculates the type and quantity of shipping containers for optimal volume usage. Then a parallel picking takes place in up to 12 boxes on an ergonomic picking cart, the mobile device leads the shortest route from article to article. For a picking without errors, the pick amount and container number are only announced after the correct article barcode has been scanned. And only the scan of the correct container code completes the order line.

As soon as the picker has finished his round, he weighs his boxes and feeds them via a buffer conveyor to the TOP line, where the boxes are filled with fast-moving items.

The display of each article informs about the quantities to be picked and the ordered price. It allows price changes and shortages.

At the end of the TOP line, a digital camera stores a photograph of each package along with the order lines on the image server. The printout of an adhesive label and the individual delivery note completes the quality control.

The TWI Tobacco and FMCG system is suitable for the European TPD2 legislation.


  • Quality check by scanning in the pick-by-voice area
  • Double weighning check
  • Photo proof
  • Secure pick-to-put strategy
  • Great productivity
  • Ideal combination of two picking strategies: Pick-by-voice for the slow movers and pick-by-light for the fast movers
Space saving
  • Compact layout and optimized walking distances


Should you have any questions about TOP for tobacco or should you wish to receive more information we are pleased to advise you either by phone or on site.

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