„NIGHTPACK makes commissioning precise and fast for print media.“

Wibke Eberhard,
Managing Director twi





Print media
Additional products for:
– routes
– districts
– paper deliverers


  • Pick by light system
  • Workstation for one or several workers simultaneously
  • Design flexible in length and number of displays
  • Two- or three-storied
  • Pre-printed delivery notes or online print of delivery notes
  • Different ways of job acknowledgment e.g. by titels, zones and orders


TWI-NIGHTPACK was designed to ensure precise and fast picking of print media products and additional products for routes, districts and paper deliverers. The picking system is display-based and can either work with pre-coded delivery notes or with digital order information for the printing of delivery notes and lists at the station. It is ready for use right after being installed and can be used easily and without computer knowledge. Up to 24/36 different titles can be picked. The special feature of NIGHTPACK: It can be divided so that two different orders with each 12 titles can be picked simultaneously.


  • Excellent productivity during day- and night delivery
  • No fixed zones for the pickers
  • Suitable for open piles, cardboards and boxes
  • Each title has its own display right at the picking roller shelf
  • Spare parts replaceable within five minutes
  • Enhanced version with a motor-driven conveyor belt
  • Check scales are optional
  • Printing of delivery note and lists connected with the host data center
  • Several pickers can work on one order simultaneously
  • Several expansion stages are possible
  • Highly mobile on castors
  • Entire system separable in working zones


Should you have any questions about NIGHTPACK or should you wish to receive more information we are pleased to advise you either by phone or on site.

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