„The „little brother“ of our successful AERO system combines the advantages of a picking line with the ones of a single workplace in a unique way.“

Wibke Eberhard,
Managing Director twi





  • Small items, e.g. installation accessory, jewellery


  • Pick by light system
  • Provides a single workplace
  • Goods / title trolleys come to the picker (not vice versa)
  • Superfast for small items
  • Each pick is submitted individually


The picking system SP-AERO is the „little brother“ of our highly productive AERO system, which has been successful for many years. The SP-AERO is designed for multiorder-picking of small items and standart parts. The system combines the advantages of a picking line with the ones of a single workplace in a unique way. All customer parcels are permanently accessible during the picking process. Moreover, the SP-AERO with its automatically turning product tower offers eight shelf levels. Each level can be divided into up to 30 columns. Consequently, up to 240 different items can be picked within up to 20 customer orders simultaneously.


  • 3.500 SKU / man-hour with 6.0 items/pick
  • Easy operation
  • Attached right at the picking compartment
  • Display is checked every second
  • Reduction of order on the display is possible
  • Displays are ergonomically arranged
  • 30 m of shelves compressed on less than 3 qm
  • 240 different small items can be picked in one step
  • Can be extended with further product towers of SP-AERO
  • Connection of the encoded platform trolley with host system is ensured


Should you have any questions about SP-AERO or should you wish to receive more information we are pleased to advise you either by phone or on site.

For more detailed information please download our brochure or get in touch with our contact partners.

Mr Nils Buck or Mrs Wibke Eberhard

+49 721 950770