„MDE-FOOD is the key to realise our ambitious goal of reducing the error rate of voucherless commissioning by a minimum of 80%.“

Dieter Hallerbach,
Managing Director of Bodan





– Any number of articles
– Registration of empties and transportation packaging
– Handling of refrigeration and deep-freeze containers
– Quality proof


  • Multi order picking with mobile display and pick by voice
  • Voice-guided tour of multi order picking
  • Suitable for deep-freezing down to -30°C
  • Registration of best-before dates, numbers of series and batches
  • Scaling depending on the current workload


Food-logistics requires the maximum of flexibility handling usually perishable products in big warehouses with several 10.000 products a year which are stored in various cooling areas. MDE-Food offers the perfect solution for picking and shipping logistics in this field. The use of the device can be understood quickly, operated easily and contributes to an enormous increase of quality and productivity. Our MDEs display all tasks clearly on the mobile computer. In addition, the following storage location is announced acoustically. Quality assurance is provided by scanning the barcode of the article and the shelf. Multi order picking ensures ideal walking distances.

Not only the merging of orders of small business clients is possible but also the management of special ranges like small items, deep-freeze facilities or external businesses. The ideal size of a container is indicated to the worker and depends on the order. Online-IT-interfaces can be easily established with all popular host systems.


suitable for deep-freezing
  • Suitable for deep-freezing down to -30°C
  • Independent of the size of the warehouse
  • Independent of the number of articles
  • Multi order picking
  • Flexible transfer between divisions in the warehouse
  • Scanning assures high quality
  • Control station with scales and photo documentation is possible
  • Transparency of all processes in the warehouse
  • Allows quick acquisition
  • Clearly arranged, userfriendly screen


Should you have any questions about MDE-FOOD or should you wish to receive more information we are pleased to advise you either by phone or on site.

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